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      August Events Calendar
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      Gentle Flow Yoga 12:15 pm
Library Closed
Lazy, Crazy Loops Mondays 10:00 am
Yoga with David Kipley 5:30 pm
The Michiana Clowns 2:00 pm
Knitting Club for All Ages 5:30 pm
 Fabulous Friday Film--The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 10:00 am
Library Closed
Lazy, Crazy Loops Mondays 10:00 am
Yoga with David Kipley 5:30 pm
Red Cross Bloodmobile 12:00 pm
Knitting Club for All Ages 5:30 pm
Back-to-School Craft 10:00 am
Duneland Stamp Club 6:00 pm
Movies in Washington Park: The Lego Movie 8:15 pm
Fabulous Friday Film: Muppets Most Wanted 10:00 am
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Library Closed
Winter in the Southwest 6:30 pm
Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Mindfulness Class 6:00 pm
Knitting Club for All Ages 5:30 pm
April Center will review Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere by Poe Ballantine. For well over twenty years, Ballantine traveled America, taking odd jobs and wondering the big whys. At age forty-six he settled with his Mexican wife in Chadron, Nebraska, where they had an autistic son. He wrote about his experiences as a wanderer and his observations of America and its people, but one day in 2006 his neighbor, a math professor, disappeared. Ninety-five days later, the professor was found burned to death and tied to a tree in the hills behind the campus where he taught. No one, including law enforcement, understood the circumstances. Since Ballantine knew all the players: the suspects, the sheriff, the police involved, he and his kindergarten son set out to find out what might have happened. Love and Terror is not only a six-year examination of the case, but of Ballantine's eccentric High Plains town, his rocky marriage, and his purportedly autistic son. Westchester Public Library will also host this review Thursday, August 21 at 2:00p m at the Westchester Township Historical Museum.
Bookmarks: Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere - 2:00 pm

A workshop for people interested in dreams and their significance. Learn techniques on how to remember and understand your dreams. Terese Fabbri, an experienced dream therapist, will facilitate.
Understanding Your Dreams - 2:00 pm

Library Closed
In these classes you will learn a variety of simple, mindful meditation practices. In addition, Patrecia Lenore will talk about the scientific studies supporting the benefits of mindfulness, as well as facilitate group dialogue and support for integrating stress-reducing exercises into daily life.
Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Mindfulness Class - 6:00 pm

Bring size 9 straight knitting needles, any worsted yarn, tape measure (optional), and optimism. Contact Joanne Hale at joeyAB1971@yahoo.com or 219-814-4398.
Knitting Club for All Ages - 5:30 pm

The library board meets Wednesday, August 27 at 2:00 pm.
Library Board Monthly Meeting - 2:00 pm

Listen to and share inspiring stories about the presence of angels in our everyday lives. Ange Benz will guide you to connect to your angel.
Angels Among Us - 3:00 pm

In September, Main Street Theatre of Michigan City will be premiering the one-woman show, Bette Davis on the Edge. In collaboration with the theater and the Purdue University North Central Odyssey Art Series, the library will be showing a double feature of Bette Davis films on Saturdays, August 30 and September 6. The world premiere performance of the new play written and performed by Christine St. John will feature four shows on September 12, 13, 19 & 20. The films celebrating the upcoming performances will be Of Human Bondage and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on August 30 and Dark Victory and All About Eve on September 6. The first film will be shown at 1:00 pm and followed after a short intermission by the second film showing.
Bette Davis Film Fest: On the Edge - 1:00 pm

Thanks to the Friends of the Library, the Library Endowment Fund and the Platt-Coffin Trust Fund for their continued support of library programs.